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"Lea - Old English for clearing"

When words and sentences become tangled thickets, allow Words by Woodslea to clear the path ahead for your business.

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Who we are

Based in Cumbria, Words by Woodslea sits at the gateway to the north. But with clients ranging from the Lake District and Lancashire to the home counties and the nation’s capital, location holds no limitations for us. Inspiring countless writers with its beauty…Wordsworth, Wainwright and now Words by Woodslea; we delight in bringing a touch of poetry into each bespoke piece of copy we create.

Words by Woodslea logo


Blogging is a great way for any business to build up a rapport with their client base and drum up new custom. Regular, topical updates will help you retain and win business. See our fully-inclusive blog packages.


Looking for something lengthier than a blog? For a more formal and journalistic tone to your content, consider showcasing your expertise with an independently researched and thought-provoking article.

Property copy

Homes are so much more than bricks and mortar. In a highly competitive market, you need to sell the lifestyle. Weave poetry into your descriptions. Showcase the lifestyle that comes as part and parcel of the property.


Keen for a set of qualified eyes to pore over your content? Let us share expertise. We can provide a purely grammatical proofreading service, or an in-depth reflection on your work, based around a tailored brief.


In a fast-paced era, letter writing remains the most personal expression of thought. Whatever your purpose, whomever your audience, we will carefully construct the correct communication for your business.


Personalised content doesn’t get more bespoke than this. You choose the topic, we create the questions and capture the detail.


Sarah’s words bring a tear to your eyes. Her emotive writing brings butterflies in your belly and makes your heart flutter with excitement. It’s cheesy but so true. ‘She’s like ..(more)

Victoria Green – Vmove

Sarah has recently created two pieces of AMAZING content for my business which I’m over the moon with. Her detail, knowledge, understanding and patience is phenomenal. I’ve never needed a ..(more)

Zoe Reed - Reed Estates

Wonderful person to listen to your story and convey it in an engaging way for your readers.

Lesley Bailey – Transform2Succeed

Highly recommended; friendly service and very professional.

Mark Gray – King Sound Studio

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30 April 2021

Five simple words you need to use in your copy

‘Should’, or ‘need to’? I deliberated over which expression to use in this title for a while. Both convey the same information, but the semantics working behind the scenes change the whole tone and approach […]

Do books still matter?

4 March 2021

Do books still matter?

However, if you’re one of the 31% of adults who don’t read in their free time, or one of the 46% of 16-24 year olds who don’t read, the answer becomes less clear. Perhaps the […]

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