6 tasks a copywriter can take off your hands

Even the most accomplished juggler needs to take a break once in a while. If you’re a one-man band, your talents at multitasking will be enviable. It takes a lot of skill, ingenuity, talent and hard work to set up, establish and grow a business. But if muscle fatigue from all that plate spinning is beginning to set in, here are six tasks a copywriter can take off your hands, freeing up your time to focus your energy on the things you really enjoy.

6 tasks a copywriter can take off your hands

6 tasks a copywriter can take off your hands


It’s a well-known fact that maintaining a steady stream of relevant, breaking content helps to build your business’ reputation, keeping you fresh in the mind’s eye of your client. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are, whether you sell boilers, make crochet Christmas gifts or run your own travel agent; putting blogs out makes YOU the authority on your area of expertise. The brand that springs to mind first time, every time.


As the expert in the field, it’s natural to feel that you’re more than qualified to write the blogs yourself. No arguments here. Planning out a campaign, researching, writing and proofreading blogs requires more than just a knowledge of your subject though. It also requires time, technical accuracy, research skills and creativity.


Perhaps you have great ideas but don’t feel confident in your grammar? Or, do you simply lack the time? If you find yourself scrabbling to put a blog together at the end of every month, save yourself the stress and pass this one to the copywriter.



Some people are born to caption. But if Instagram isn’t your thing, it’s sure to be a copywriter’s playground. With a limited number of characters to play with (2200, roughly 300 words) the key is to convey your message in short and snappy style. If the thought of coming up with a witty repartee leaves you tied up in knots, if hashtags hurt your head or if you’re just struggling to find the emotional resonance – hand it over to the copywriter to find that hit-home headline.



Letters, proposals, in fact any client-facing pitch needs to be constructed to the most professional of levels. If you know your company is the best for the job but formality isn’t your forte, why not engage a professional copywriter to take your words to the next level?


Web content

Have you heard of the 15 second rule? It’s the average length of time a user stays on a website before clicking away. A website is one of the most public, and therefore crucial, parts of your business. Its purpose is to provide information and to convert leads into customers. You need to make each of those 15 seconds count. No word can be wasted. Well-crafted copy, precisely targeted at the optimum audience is a honed skill. Time to call in the professional copywriter.



Writing a bio should be simple in theory. After all, who knows more about you than you? Perhaps the trouble is you’re a little too close to the project. Some of us find it difficult to toot our own trumpets and therefore play down our own strengths, others can wax a little too lyrical. Finding the balance of tone in a bio is key. Talking with a copywriter can provide that layer of objectivity, resulting in a reliable, relatable and resounding profile.



Silly mistakes in copy costs clients. Errors cause embarrassment. On the contrary, crisp, clean and blunder-free copy can enhance your reputation and ensure your business makes an authoritative impression. For peace of mind and a professional polish, hire a copywriter to proofread your content before you send it live. This should be a must for businesses who print brochures, where slip ups can cost money.


If you want to discuss any of these services or learn more about how professional copywriting can help your business, drop me a message today.